Thursday, January 15, 2004

The Mac Arrives
Late Tuesday afternoon, Discount Man's Mac arrived from Fed Ex. And what a nice looking Mac. He got himself an eMac, versus an iMac. The difference is a tube style monitor, versus a flat panel display. In price, the cost was about $400 less for the eMac. He did throw in some options though. Like the 'superdrive' which is a CD burner and DVD burner tied into one unit. He also got a swivel base which is quite nice (about $40), and a memory upgrade to 512MB's.

We got it out of the box, played with it for a while, and then didnt know what else to do with it. After an hour or so we were all gathered around my PC watching clips from Not sure how that happened. After watching an old clip for retarded children about 'periods' my stomach was aching from laughing so hard. I was a little disappointed that ebaumsworld was forced by legal action to remove this old clip of Barney (the kid dinosaur thing) lip synching to Tupac music. I spent a good 5 minutes finding it with Google. It was worth it. The kids dancing around while he's singing about 'bitches' and 'guns' is just ... awe inspiring.

We also managed to set up the Discount Man cam. A permanent home on his Mac. We had a bit of trouble with the 'maccam' driver. It introduced Discount Man to the 'force quit' function of OS X. And upon rebooting we had to unplug his camera to take it out of 'duh' mode. Believe it or not, Logitech actually has Mac drivers for their camera. Nice! So we loaded up the proper driver, slapped EvoCam on there and away he went. You will have to check out the all new Raycam/DMcam portal.

The Cam Portal! *click here*

Now I am waiting for my morning class to show up. I'm out in the forest again. What fun. Trying to shake a headache that started about this same time yesterday. The sinus pill I popped a while ago seems to be doing the trick. Relief!! I am just counting the minutes until it's lunchtime and I can scoot off to McDonalds for some Internet access.

I hate being unplugged.

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