Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Worlds First "Mobile Device" Automobile

If you watch TV (at all) you have surely been treated to a commercial for the all new Nissan Cube. This car has all the characteristics of a phone or an MP3 player, but you can drive it places. The advertising campaign definitely shows us that there is a new generation of people buying cars, and they need to be sold on the "cool factor".

This is nothing new. Toyota motors has tried this with their new line called the Scion which has proved pretty successful with the younger car buyer. Build a car that can only be described as stylish, and hip, and then blitz the media with flashy advertising. It works for phones and MP3 players, why not a car?

So what makes the new Nissan Cube so cool exactly? Mostly, it's all in the accessorizing. Of course you are going to get airbags, a decent stereo, and a nice brake system. But the extras include aluminum alloy wheels (optional), a stereo upgrade (optional), and a bluetooth option for your phone and MP3 player (optional). Other fun "factory" options include some interior lighting which can be changed depending on your mood. How about a ring of fuzzy shag carpet on your dash (this is a "soft grip" to hang onto loose objects while you drive around)? This car even comes equipped with a ticket holder, which is basically a rubber band stretched over flat plastic in the door. Ho-hum.

But the first, and probably the last thing, you will notice about this car is it's bizarre back end. Nissan decided to go anti-symmetrical and totally wreck the rear of this car with a one sided wrap-around. People aren't quite sure what to make of this, and it will likely end up being a trend that we all laugh at 30 years from now. What excited me about it, was that my wife suggested it might be a wrap around back seat (like a corner-fitting living room sofa). It was enough to get me to go to the website. But then I could see that it's just a regular bench style two-seater that folds down (they claim it seats three ... but you would have to have small friends). Which is good. Because after you have bought this car and driven your friends around in it a couple of times, the novelty wears off an you will be folding those seats down to make room for groceries and wishing you had bought a vehicle with a trunk.

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