Saturday, June 27, 2009


Wait - What? No, no. That's a typo. That should read "rebirth". I'll fix that later. Welcome back to the new What is ODDREE? It was a magazine. I say that it was a magazine simply because it's literally been years since I was working on a new issue and I doubt I will ever write that "issue 3" that I had planned.

Since the closing of the second issue I have sunk my good hard earned money into keeping this domain name and website alive, while not really having any idea what to do with it. This is actually a routine for me. I register a site to feed some stupid idea that I have, then I abandon it, then I try to reinvent it somehow years later when nobody visits the site any more.

What will I do with it now? I would like to use it as a place to post stupid ideas that I have. Most of my ideas never actually amount to a "project" because I either get bored with it, or I decide not to waste the money on it. Traditionally I put crap like this into a Blog post - or bury the idea all together.

This reinvention is designed in part to encourage comments, feedback, and support from you. That's right. I want you to be on board for this idiotic ride toward the bitter end of You can start by commenting on ... this post!

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