Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm sorry, did you have a question?

This country has finally managed to elect a president who is somewhat trendy and has the ability to operate electronic devices. He listens to you. He actually wants to make good choices to improve your various shitty situations. Starting with a really badly broken health care system.

So what do you do when given the chance to ask questions about his plans for health care? Throw out insults. Mock your fellow Americans. Drop sneers about North Korea. I even caught some remarks about "missing birth certificates".

You can see for yourself but comments are now disabled (which is a real shame). The original video was posted to get a conversation going about health care so that we (as Americans) could trade thoughts on how to improve things.

I want to be angry with my fellow countrymen right now, but I don't have it in me. I think I am more disparaged than anything else. It's sad to think that this country is so bitter, and angry that they can't imagine it's possible to fix or change anything.

I'm reminded of a ReHaB song, "Drinkin' Again" which I wish I could share through a web link. It's just not a popular song. I will just quote it for the benefit of those who haven't had 'the pleasure'.

Looking for things to do to pass the time between birth
And becoming part of the earth
Working, playing and laying, staring, comparing
That over there to this
I'm blaming those in charge cause after all there's nothing else to do
Money pays for things that don't really belong to you

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