Thursday, August 26, 2004

Playing Substitute
Tuesday morning I came to work, and sat in the usual "staff meeting" and I noticed that my boss wasn't present which was odd. I saw her pacing around outside the door so I knew something wasn't going well. After the meeting I was grabbed and asked if I could teach a Windows XP class. She tells me that Dustin is sick, and he wasn't holding up well. He had taught the first day of class, but he was in depserate need of a fill-in.

And so, I slipped back into "instructor mode" and ran a day of class. It was a welcomed break from all the studying I had been doing. At the end of the day I was beginning to worry that I might be back for Wednesdays class as well. I had planned on attending an Apple sponsored business seminar at noon that day. Dustin agreed to call me or my boss on Tuesday night and let us know how he was doing.

At about 7:00PM I got "the call" and I knew when I answered the phone that I would be teaching another day. It really irritated me. I know the guy isn't feeling well, but if you ask me, he rarely is feeling well. I had really looked forward to my little field trip, which was at this point officially cancelled. And so, I came to work the next day in a tie, and did another full day of this class. The entire day I heard nothing back from Dustin, so I assumed I must be taking this class the rest of the week. This morning I showed up in a tie, and to my delight, Dustin came stomping in.

He definitely didn't look 100 percent, but he was ready to take back his class, and I couldn't be happier. The class was going really well. Both the students, and myself were having fun, and I think they were learning a lot. But, I had planned on doing some serious studying, and that was about 16 hours of study time gone.

This morning I plopped down my laptop in an empty cubical and hit the eBooks. Now, here I am at lunchtime, and I have accomplished quite a bit. Back to the books.

I guess I will try and make next Wednesdays Apple seminar, since I will only teach Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Current Mood: Entertained with eBooks
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