Saturday, August 28, 2004

Our Stuff Is Pretty Too
I happened upon Microsoft's web page the other day checking to see if XP Service Pack 2 was public yet, and what did I find? Another attempt to draw attention away from what Apple is doing. Every once in a while, Microsoft attempts to show that they too have some artistic skills. Unfortunately for us, it's always a 'slapped on' design over top of something that was unattractive. It's kind of like taking a really ugly old car, and taking it to Maaco to be painted. In the end, it's a really well painted Chevy Citation.

apparently Microsoft gave up trying to get their own design department in gear, so they hired a real artist, Philipe Starck. He is best known for his many awards for architecture and design. But Philipe, we need to talk about this mouse of yours.

First of all this mouse looks like something I would pass up at Odd Lot's. The choice of color is extremely poor. I'm sure it looks better in person, but from the pictures I am seeing it looks like a Logitech knock off. That awful dark shiny gray stuff must be made from melted down GI Joe jeeps and machine guns. They claim it's a wonderful mouse to use, but I can only imagine that's because your hand will be covering it most of the time and you will often forget how ugly it is.

The real kicker was the picture of the artist, along with a wonderful quote which indicates his mouse is a meaningful art piece. Uh ... ye-ah. I couldn't help but bash them by screwing with their photo art. It's a parody, so they can't be too mad at me.

So kids, go get yourself a Starck mouse. They only run you about $30, which surprised me. I was expecting a price tag of $100. I guess that's $25 back to Mr. Starck, and $5 for the actual mouse. That makes sense.

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