Saturday, July 03, 2004

Preparing For The Fourth
As we approach the 4th of July, we have been preparing for a big party. The wife and I both wanted to stay home this year for the fourth, so we decided to hold a party at our house. I think Rotary has probably been preparing for the party for at least a week now cleaning, shopping, and getting things ready.

Today I decided I had better get the lawn in shape, since we would be trying to hold the party outside. I mowed the lawn, but I could barely see what I was mowing because our lawn is dead. This hot weather has just destroyed my lawn.

After a mowing, and a break out of the sun I sat down and started examining my car. I recieved my muffler and accessories for my Bug, and this was as good a time as any to do the job. Getting the old exhaust off was suprisingly easy. None of the rusted old bolts gave me any trouble, and I had the old muffler off in less than an hour. Putting the new exhaust in was a chore. I could see pretty quickly that things were not lining up. I had bought the "cheap" muffler from the auto parts shop in California. And it was noticabley cheap. It was such poor quality, that it barely matched up to the car. I examined the situation and shared it with my wife. We agreed that the only way that muffler was going to go on, was if I drilled out a small area to make it fit. And so I spent the next few horus trying to make it work, only to find that if I could get one area to fit, another would need the same work done to it.

And so, off the muffler came. And on with the old. I really hated putting that rusted old piece of shit BACK on the car. Especially knowing I would have to go buy another muffler now of better quality, and do this job all over again. Grrrr.

Battles Ahead
As we near the holiday, we also near my wifes knee surgery. Rob came over last night and introduced us to his new girlfriend, and he also showed us his knee scars. I was pretty shocked. With the surgery they are doing, it is supposed to leave very small scars. Rob looks like his knee was reassembled by Dr. Frankenstein. I'm sure it just made Rotary even more nervous about her surgery Friday. At any rate, Robs girlfriend, Fran, seemed really nice. She played with my kids, and pet me dogs, and seemed really happy doing so. I can see that Rob enjoys her company, and hopefully we can all hang out again sometime soon. Rob had to rush her home and put her to bed, so she could fly to New York at 5:00AM.

On an unrelated note, I am scheduled to take my Windows XP exam (70-270) on Wednesday morning. I think I am probably aptly prepared to take this exam, but I continue to study anyway. The fact that this will be the easiest exam I take for my MCSE certification makes me nervous. If I fail it, I will no doubt look like a moron.

And now, I think I will go crash. I'm beat. One more thing though. Do you remember Kirk Cameron from the show Growing Pains? Well, he wants to save your soul.

Rob sent me some strange web page about "the baby Jesus" and I saw that rotating banner advertisement at the bottom. That's pretty damn funny. "Hi kids, it's me ... TV's Kirk Cameron ... you and your loved ones will spend eternity in hell!".

Current Mood: Tired
Musical Inspiration: Who Will Save Your Soul - Jewel (kidding of course)

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