Friday, July 09, 2004

Yuppie White Bitches
I hate people. More specifically I hate idiot yuppie white bitches. I am hanging out in a waiting area waiting to hear news on my wifes knees surgery. I spent a good hour or so hiding in a corner in silence unbothered, which was really nice. I was able to get quite a bit of reading/studying done. And then this mother/father/daughter team of annoying upper class white folks show up and surround me. They all sat in seperate seats around me and strike up a conversation. A loud one. I try to ignore them, and stay focused. Meanwhile they discuss whether or not they should go for a cappuccino (please go!) and re-explain the news to each other after watching it on TV.

Eventually the dad leaves off for surgery and I think, "thank fucking God, they'll leave now". But no, they stayed to annoy me another half an hour. Eventually they left in search of a cappuccino and left a book bag to hold their seat. Great. They'll be back, and hey will want to sit here.

While they were gone, a guy came along and wanted the seat so that he could be in view of the TV in the waiting area. He turns to me pointing to the bag and asks, "do you mind if I sit here?". "Oh no", I reply, "you can just put that on the floor".

About 20 minutes later, the mother and daughter team returns, finding their belongings on the floor. They give the man a dirty look, scoop up the bag, and return to their original positions in the area. Can nothing deter them from bothering me?

Here's an idea, I will drown them out of my head with my music! I reached into my bag and threw on my headphones. I don't even want to listen to music. But once I put on the headphones, they shut up! It's as if they were intent on driving me nuts, and having failed, they decided to shut up and read magazines.

Please God, kill all the white yuppie bitches. They will not be missed.

We have a winner!
The doctors at this place are punctual! They took my wife into surgery about ten to seven, and they have completed the surgery by 8:00AM. I just got a call in the waiting area from the doctor. He says the surgery went just fine, and she should have a quick recovery. He strongly recommends she avoids running and jumping activities, and he is prescribing her physical therapy. He also indicated she had quite a bit of knee damage for someone her age. There was substantial damage above the kneecap, and lots of cartilage pieces floating around. He also says she should expect arthritus in her knee. I'm not sure how concerned we should be hearing that. She has awful arthritus anyway. The surgery won't make that any better. But I expect that it will be worse on that knee now.

And so now I suppose we can count our blessings. She is all done, and will only need crutches for two or three days. The doctor says "she will not need to baby this knee". She will certainly be happy with that news. He also said she can shower tomorrow and put band-aids on her wounds. It sounds like she won't even be wearing a cast (which I almost assumed). Good, good news.

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