Thursday, July 08, 2004

One Down, One To Go
Yesterday morning, I took that Windows XP exam and absolutely aced it. My final score was 954/1000 which indicates I missed one or two questions out of 50. The exam proved extremely simple thanks to the hours of study time I put into it, and the fact that I went through assloads of 'real' exam questions several times from Testking and Without them, I'm not sure that I would have passed. Even though I read the material, studied it very intensely, and I have administered Windows XP since it debued in late 2001. Note to the wise, don't assume those 'client' exams are any less dificult than the server exams. There weren't too many freebie' questions on that test.

And so it's Thursday. One battle down, and my wifes surgery tomorrow. I'm sure she's nervous as hell about it, I know I am. I will be glad when this week is over! I suppose there's nothing to worry about really. The procedure she is having done is relatively common, and there are little risks involved. But hey, it's surgery. Anything that involves cutting you open sounds scary as hell if you ask me. We are still waiting to hear when they will want to do the surgery. Some time around 2:00PM they will be calling her and giving her a time. She was warned that the surgery could be as early as 7:00AM, which would require her to be at the hospital for prepping no later than 5:00AM. Egad. We are hoping for a later morning, early afternoon time slot. I'm not sure how happy the babysitter (my mother) will be watching our kids before dawn. But hey, you gotta get these things done early enough that the doctor can squeeze in nine holes of golf, right? :-)

The Book
I have to confess to you all, that I have done nothing with my book in several weeks now. I lost a little steam writing it, and went on a haitus. In all my studying for exams, I changed my focus a little bit. Basically, I need money. The book 'might' make me a few dollars. The exams I am taking are certain to improve my wealth. I planned on taking breaks away from studying to write a bit, but it just hasn't happened. I also planned on doing some research when I could (wardriving). But my laptop (her name is Audrey) has been a real pain in my ass. My battery sunk down to nothing (again) and refused to charge. I am happy to report that after taking the battery down to zero, and resetting everything, that my battery is again charging. It made it up to 16 percent so far, and it's still going up. Hooray.

In the meantime I may put together what I have and release it in some way, shape, or form. I don't want to keep this material from people for an extended period of time because the wireless market is changing. I feel that if I wait too long to devulge some of this great information, it may be worthless. Kind of like writing a book on "hacking the ARPANET in 2003". ;-)

And now, I will study some more. You should too. Go learn something, take some tests, and be cool like me. Right.

Current Mood: Getting nervous again.
Musical Inspiration: None, but I do have my headphones. I should play something.

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