Thursday, March 04, 2004

Off The Wire
My battery arrived yesterday for my laptop. It's been great opening the lid to my laptop and not having to wait for it to start up. I close the lid and it sleeps! Just like its supposed to. I open the lid, and it comes right back to life. No longer will I have to shut it down, just to carry it into another room and start it up.

I sat in the server room today back at the office with my laptop on my lap, and no cords to trip over. A couple of times I walked into a classroom gripping my laptop in hand and never losing connection to the access point. It's every boys dream.

Once I got home, I just *had* to get wireless access working in my house. In all my wardriving adventures I have aquired several wireless cards. So why not build my own wireless access point with an old laptop? I had all ready installed Slackware linux to a really old lappy (486 with 48 megs of RAM). And I all ready had one wired network card, and one wireless card working in it. However ... I couldn't for the life of me get that damned thing to forward traffic. I followed countless examples, tutorials, etc. and not a damn thing worked. It seems that developers of iptables feel the need to rewrite the functionality of it with every new release. Thanks assholes.

I stumbled upon something called "Jay's Firewall" on SourceForce. Its nothing more than a firewall script writer/configurator written in perl. What a find. Within about 2 minutes of downloading it, I had fully functional wireless gateway.

Now I am laying down in bed, with absolutely no wires, and blogging. Suprisingly, I can get all the way downstairs, and sit in my living room without losing signal. Thats pretty impressive considering my traffic is going from one wireless card to another (ad-hoc style).

Coming Clean
I should probably tell you all why I have reported nothing in the way of wardriving adventures. The top reason? I haven't done any wardriving! My wife and I have been busy working on our kids bedrooms. We are nearing completion. In fact, tonight we should be about done with both bedrooms. I will be posting pictures of our work in days to come. You will be impressed, I am sure.

This secret project I have planned doesn't really have to be a secret. I am working on a book. This book will feature some of my more interesting wardriving finds. I'm not sure if I will find anyone interested in publishing it. But it's worth a shot. I have done a few small adventures with Audrey (the laptop) that have gone unreported. They instead, have gone right into my unfinished work.

I figure if my book is nothing more than what I have posted here, it wouldn't make for much of a book. So, I will be splitting my adventures in wardriving between my blog, and this unfinished book.

My plan is to have completed a treatment (sample material) within the next two weeks, and have it sent off to a number of publishers to seek some interest. It will no doubt be contraversial, so there is no telling if it will ever see the light of day. If by chance nobody claims it, I will certainly make it available to all of you for free.

Now, the cat is out of the bag. And I have to get back to work. I need to finish my painting of a giant Pikachu face on my daughters wall so we can lay down the carpet.

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