Monday, March 22, 2004

Back To Slack (I Mean Work)
Seeing how I finished most of my important tasks last week, I will have very little to do in the office this week. I guess that depends on the pace that my new employer wants to move to relocate servers and stuff into the new facility. Today, I am stuck out in the "old house" until 7PM again. I will do this again on Wednesday. And on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I will be free to move about the two offices. I suppose I should finish some unfinished tasks. Such as taking a physical inventory of classroom computers. That will be interesting since classes will be running and I will be forcing my way into the rooms when the students are on break.

Only five more days until my wedding anniversary (the NINTH!). I wish I could say that I have a big surprise planned for my wife. But I managed to screw that up. We had quite a bit of spare money left over from our tax return, but we sunk all of that buying the Bug! So, I developed a new plan. My boss let me take home an old piece of equipment that could yield $100 to $200 on eBay. And my mom says she owes me a free babysitting. I may just take her up on that! That is all you will hear in my journal. My wife may read these entries and I wouldn't want to ruin what I am brewing. At any rate, it's going to be a late gift. I will never get the sale wrapped up in time for the weekend.

Turkey Pot Pie Is THE BOMB
I was looking around the grocery store for something to take to work and eat last night. In the frozen food aisle I found turkey pot pies for $0.39. Not bad! I bought two and I have them baking now. Man they smell good! Funny how this place has two ovens, and no microwaves. Oh well. Baked food comes out better anyway.

I set my son up with a journal last night. He was watching me put stuff about the Bug into mine and he was jealous. So I created him one and showed him how to use it. He keeps a journal at school (in the second grade) so he had some idea of what to put in it. His first entry was something to the effect of "My names Andy, this is my journal, and I'm 7 years old". A few minutes later he created another entry, "My dad is cool, and he made me this journal". About six or seven postings later he got bored with it and quit adding little entries. I wonder if he will continue to use it? It would be fun starting an online journal at a young age, and then going back years later to read the things you had posted. You can check his journal out here ... Andy's Journal.

Anyhow, I brought new entertainment with me today. My new bible, "How To Keep A Volkswagen Alive" by John Muir. I love this book for all of the step by step procedures. And because you can open the book to a random page, and begin reading. Most car manuals read like stereo instructions. John's books are crammed with entertainment value, and honesty. It's nice to see people are still enjoying his books years after his death.

So, see you later when I have something more interesting to say.

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