Saturday, March 27, 2004

Bleep Bleep!
My wife and I had a babysitter all last night, and most of today too! We didn't waste a minute. Last night we went to dinner. Normally this would be a disaster waiting around for a table with the kids. But with it just being us, waiting nearly an hour for a table at the Crab Shack wasn't too bad. After about 20 or 30 minutes of waiting around, we hit the bar and I got a Guiness. All good nights begin with Guiness.

And so it was our anniversary today! Notice how I skipped over the rest of the night? You see ... I don't put everything in my journal.

This morning we slept in. Then we got up and went out for breakfast. Neither one of us were really hungry, so we did some shopping first. We hit a couple of thrift stores and a few Odd Lots. After a couple of stores, I found what I was really after, an air powere hammer-chisel. Oh yeah, this split blade will peel my old floor pan off the bug like a ripe banana peel.

And while thrifting I found some REAL gems. Check out this cool pillow I bought for "THE MOTHERFUCKER".

We are planning on building a little platform to put it on. I think I will try to weld one with the futon' parts. I also think we need to attach a light to it, so that the motherfucker can remain lit like a rare diamond.

I also found this neat little Fisher Price key-chain. It makes noises when you push the buttons. Like the car-alarm arm/disarm noise. I plan on using that one. So when I am walking to my Bug I can pull out my oversized keychain and make the bleep-bleep noise.

Also while I was stumbling around the garage I remembered that I never took a picture of the inside of my Bug. So here is a photo looking in from the drivers side. You are looking at the floor with the seats removed. Messy huh? It looks pretty rusty in there, but the passenger side is actually in good shape. I am thinking I can buff out the rust, repaint it, and toss the carpet back over it.

Anyhow, it's been a great weekend so far. Seeya later.

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