Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Country Roads

So here I am! Headed down Route 33 through Lancaster. We are headed into Athens Ohio for another class setup. We consists of me, and Karen who is at the wheel. I have picked up a few access points passing through Lancaster (farm country) most of which are encrypted. Strange. You would expect these 'backwoods' types to leave all the defaults alone on their wireless devices.

Behind me is the rattling and bumping around of all the hardware we need to setup. This is like deja' vu all over again! I just had to say that. There is some odd hatred toward Kevin Rose (and the broken in general) that stems from some southern guy calling himself "lineman". In trying to get some clues as to what the hell this little war is over, I checked out his webpage which didn't give me much insight. What I did find is a bunch of 'articles' which he proudly displays as fresh content. And also some bitches and moans that were suitable for Martin's blog readings on unscrewed. Namely, "why do reporters keep saying deja vu all over again? It's stupid!". Or something like that. He also has a few pages of "shame" which has pages about Kevin Rose, and Gethsemane. They are documented proof of why these two guys should be ashamed of themselves. And where is my page? I need to email him and request my own. I have said far more snotty things than Geth and Kevin combined. I guess to get on his list, you have to insult one of his 'people'.

Not having much luck in farm country now. Karen had just called the boss a few cars ahead of us to ask 'how much further is it' and got disconnected. Not many cell towers out here I gather. We are now 34 miles away. Not too bad a drive considering.

I can't wait until I'm done! I get to go back to work and rebuild the dead mail server. I have 6 brand new 18 gig Seagate Cheetahs waiting for me back at the office. I know ... you are going to ask "why only 18 GB drives?". My boss is cheap. That's why. If I hadn't found 18GB Ultra160's at the same price as the 9GB we currently have, he would have bought 9GB drives again! Anyhow, that rebuild ought to be fun. I am going to replace our Windows 2000 server with a 2003 server, and try to move our Exchange mail store over at the same time.

Cross your fingers for me.

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