Monday, October 11, 2004

Just Stolen!
I was working on a friends web site last night. I kept opening video clips and getting the little "would you like to upgrade?" messages with Media Player. Finally, I gave in and said "Yes". About 15 minutes later, the "all new" Microsoft Media Player version 10 was installed, and so I ran it.

What in the hell is this? It looks strangely familiar. It's like they took Apple's iTunes, and painted it in the blue color that Apple decided to stop using (probably because Microsoft stole it and put it in Windows XP). The new format was BLATANTLY ripped off.

Observe Apple's iTunes.

And you know how Apple launched that highly successful music store? Now everyone is trying to take a bite out of it. There are probably 10 large music stores popping up everywhere. Buy Pepsi, and get a free song! Buy Coke, and get a free song. The MS Media Player lets you chose a store to shop from. You have around five choices, all of which I am sure paid out the ass to be listed in the Media Player window. Oddly enough, Apple's music store is not listed there.

And just so you don't think I am making this shit up. Have a look at the iTunes Music Store ...

Microsoft doesn't have a single original thought. That should concern you. It concerns me. Here, we have the Industry leader in Server software, and Desktop Operating Systems. All of which are built entirely on ideas that were blatantly stolen from others.

Oh, and on an unrelated note ... I am beginning to get the feeling that Christoper Reeves will never walk again.

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