Thursday, October 14, 2004

The IT Progress Bar
Maybe I am the only one that notices these subtleties. But ... I can't be the only one. In every Windows operating system when you stop or start a service you are given a "progress indicator". Sometimes you are lucky, and the indicator goes away before reaching 100 percent. Other times, you will watch in amazement as it run's full, starts back at zero, and loops again. Is this really a progress indicator? It's more like an "I haven't locked up" indicator. You will also see one of these when Windows is booting. More useful would be something that tells you how much longer you have to wait before this thing is done. But, I am guessing that it was extra work on the programming staff to make something like that.

I installed a Xerox laser printer this morning and it took ages. I got the ol' progress-less progress indicator for what had to be four minutes. God only knows what it was doing, if anything. All I saw was this ...

I think little bars like this represent our progress in the IT industry. You think we are moving forward, but then ... we have no basis for comparison. Sometimes it seems we are moving ahead, only to see our progress goes back to zero again.

Don't even get me started on the debates last night. I hate that our current president stumbles with big words like "Information Technology". Someone should tell him we call it "IT". That would keep him from screwing up his ramblings about "education". Asked, "what do you tell a guy who's job has been shipped overseas?" Bush responds, "educate him and his children". Greaaat. So he will be REALLY smart, and unemployed. That'll show those foriegners!

Bush, I am praying that you get sick and die on November 1st. Do you [i]feel my prayers[/i]?

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