Sunday, October 17, 2004

I passed yet another exam. Hooray for me. Just look at my amazing Microsoft Transcript (and ph33r).

One more and I will be an officially underpaid MCSE and MCT in Windows 2003 Server.

Now I have to prepare for my class next week. I will have roughly 20 students in a Security+ class. It's a 5 day class, and I have to do it in three days (God only knows why). Maybe this will be a blessing. All the parts of this class taht I hate to teach can be skipped "in the interest of time".

I have threatened to put together my own version of a security class. One that shows you the ACTUAL tools that you use to attack and defend a network. Not the goofy ass Win32 tools you use in the Security+ class (like "Superscan" for portscanning). Lame.

Anyway, I had better grab my book and start prepping. Congratulate me by drinking a few beers. Thanks.

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