Sunday, September 05, 2004

Gloop Books Presents:
I have decided that courseware really sucks. When I say "courseware" I am referring to the 100 page or so leaflets that my training company pays $150+ for. I don't know what pisses me off more. The fact that they pay so much for them, or that I have to teach from the damned things. They are always out of date, and I know I can do better. So I think I will start writing courseware. I am starting with "Linux+". Because the major courseware vendors (like Element K) can't make a good Linux+ class book to save their asses.

Anyhow, before I go off writing courseware, I should finish the first book I started writing months ago. Many of you are hanging on hoping I release this book sometime this decade. When I went back through it yesterday I was thinking to myself, "this is a great book!" ... but it definitely needs some work to finish it up. For one, I need to do a bit more Wardriving and collect some material for the book.

With my battery acting up, I can't accomplish much. Unless hook up the ol' power inverter and drive around with that running in my car seat. I am in the process of getting a replacement. I think until then, I will work with some areas of the book that I never finished. Such as "wireless card modification" and "cantenna creations". I have some great photographs to put in this book. You will love them.

When I am closer to being done, I will also put up some sample content for everyone. I plan on publishing this book through The cost will be relatively low. I am going to keep the cost of the book under $20, and hopefully still get it published in a hardbound format.

I have been working on a cover, which reflects the design and theme of Gloop Dot Net in general, as I hope to grow "Gloop Books" into a somewhat lucrative business. Some of that will be from personal projects like my Wardriving book, but the real money will probably be made on courseware. Seeing how I can turn a $40+ profit on every courseware sale, and the wardriving book will be practically free.

Let me know what you think about the cover. I think it's pretty damned funny. You will also notice that there is nothing technical about the photo on the front. That was intentional. The back of the book will feature more technical photos of cantennas, laptop modding, etc.

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