Monday, June 07, 2004

I Dream Of Rodents
I often have a dream where the pet hamster has escaped. I don't know why. It's a reoccuring one. Maybe because the hamster has escaped several times. And it's on my mind, because every night we can hear the hamster smashing around things in her cage. She begins her day around midnight, and finishes scurrying and banging around at about 6:00AM. So last night I rolled over and opened my eyes, and I saw one of my dogs pacing about the room. As he ran around back around the corner of my bed, I saw a small rodent scurry across the floor.

Was I dreaming? I was coming out of a deep sleep and I was a little confused. After a moment, I had "come to" and I realized the damned hamster had escaped! Now don't ask me how, but this hamster has climbed up to the top of it's cage, and lifted the lid off. It then had to leap onto the floor from a bookshelf (about nearly 5 feet). Then she climbed a full flight of stairs, and passed under our bedroom door to come see us.

My dog has caught site (or smell of her) and was pacing around nervously. The dogs know the hamster luckily. And they made no attempt to eat her. Which was good. I would hate to explain to the kids that their pet had been eaten.

So I got that damned rat back into her cage and went back to bed. I had waken up my wife in the chaos, and I explained what had happened. As I tried to get back to sleep she asked "did you put something on top of her cage?". Back downstairs I went, and I piled about 5 heavy books on top of her. I also gave her some fresh water and a few Cheezits'. It was quite a day for her I am sure.

And so this is how my day begun. It was about 4:30AM, and I was having a hard time getting back to sleep. I must have dosed off around 5:30 or 6:00AM. When the alarm went off at 7:00AM, it was like waking from the dead. So I rolled out of bed, and hurried off to work.

About halfway to work, I remembered that I had left my lunch in the fridge, and my security access card on top of the fridge. Woops. I headed inside through the main entrance, and slipped into my classroom. I am teaching Network+ this week, and for some unknown reason, I had no book to teach from. One of the training admins had sent me two PDF's containing "evaluation" copies of the instructor manual in PDF. That's great. I get to teach class from a PDF? From what I understood, that was all I was going to get. Next week, I teach Network+ again. Probably from a PDF. So I headed out to the receptionist who orders kits, and I filed a complaint. "Please order me a book? So I can have it next week? A book would be nice", I told her.

After about ten minutes, an instructor manual was dropped into my lap. Aparently, we had a book the whole time. Someone was just too lazy to go look for it. When they were asked to order another, it magically appeared. Strange.

The rest of my day went surprisingly well. My students for the week are pretty upbeat, and some of them are actually interested in networking! As tired as I was, I drank a cup of coffee. It's been the first time I have had real coffee in a few weeks. It took my blood pressure RIGHT on up! But it kept me going all damn day. And believe me, I will have no trouble getting to sleep tonight.

Oh, and I took my dryer apart, lubed up a few things, sucked all the dirt and shit out, and I think it's working fine again. God bless!! It certainly has been a strange day.

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