Thursday, April 29, 2004

Thursday The Sequel
Yesterday I decided that there is no time like the present, and I put a phone call into a publisher. They are based in California so I had to wait until the afternoon before I could get anyone on the phone. A young guy named Alex answered. I explained that I am writing a book, and shopping for a publisher. He gave me his e-mail address to submit the book to, and I went right into the next room and shipped it to him. I only sent two chapters and an index but it was almost 3 megs. There were a LOT of pictures in this book. That most certainly did it.

Now, here I am a day and a half later and no response. Alex, the man who took my book immediately emailed me back and let me know that he had sent it onto their reviewer. I was hoping for some kind of response from him, but nothing as of yet. I hate this waiting. I went through the same thing when I submitted my resume months ago. I wish people would just be upfront and honest. "Thanks, but no thanks" or "Maybe we might be interested, but probably not". But no response at all just seems ... disrespectful. I know I am a little impatient. But never is a long time to wait for a response. How soon is never?

Rob got eye surgery today! I'm not sure why. He like, wants to join the military. I'm sure the military would be good for him. Yet, if I were him I would not be looking to join up now. With all this shit in Iraq, you wouldn't see me signing up. At any rate, Robs eyes are in shitty shape. The surgery will certainly improve his quality of life. I just wish he wasn't do it for the military. I am a bit selfish too I suppose. I know that once Rob joins the ranks, I won't see him more than a few times a year.

So he called and left me voicemail earlier today. He was taking a bus to the eye clinic, but he would be blinded from the surgery, and he couldn't get a hold of any of the five people that had offered to drive him home after. I was still in Tiffin at the time, and I thought I would be stuck there all day. I called him back and left him a message wishing him luck. Later, he sent me an instant message "it burns! I'm blind! Goodnight!". And that was all she wrote.

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