Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Return To Projects Lost
A few nights ago I was looking around my hard drive and I found the book I started to write. Like so many projects, I had started it, and then put it aside and abandoned it. And so I opened it up and started writing again. This afternoon I put a few more hours into it finishing up two chapters worth of information. Tonight, I think I will bite the bullet and send what I have to a publisher to see if they are interested in publishing this book. If I get word back that they would like to publish this book (and pay me for it), it would definitely put a fire under my ass to get to work finishing it. Otherwise I will probably bag the whole project and not have to feel guilty about leaving it incomplete. Although, I did promise I would complete it either way, and release it for free in the form of an e-book. We'll see.

Ode To Audrey
It's cold as hell in here today. I am in this classroom which is the second floor to a really old cafeteria. There is no heat in here today. I mean, none. The radiators that are usually piping hot to the touch are cold as ice. It must be about 40 degrees outside, and about 50 in this room. I have put two running PC's side by side to cross my legs over for heat, and put Audrey in my lap. So long as Audrey is recharging my battery, she generates a nice amount of heat. Thank you Audrey.

About the only good thing about coming out to this God forsaken facility is the cable TV. They have a really nice 32 inch television in this training room, with standard cable run to it. They also have a nice channel called "Fuse" which plays music videos all the time. They make fun of MTV for being the channel that "used to play music videos".

Only about two more hours to go until my next class. Boy does time fly.

Current Mood: Frozen
Musical Inspiration: Crazy - Richard Cheese
Wishing For: Heat and a network to infultrate

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