Monday, December 01, 2003

thebroken is busted
I come in to work this morning, park Audrey on an empty desk and get my messenger going, then log into IRC. Then after some coffee I decide it's high time I check the threads on thebroken forums. I log in, I start looking at threads ... then I realize I am seeing day-old stuff. So I reset my browser (dump the cache, etc) and go to log back in ... but ... it's dead. I get some SQL error. Woops. Wonder what happened there?

With Kevin on vacation, it could be a week or so before this gets repaired. But oh well. It's will give everyone some time off, namely me!

Last night I did it. I finished my resume. I went through my cover letter, dressed it up real nice. Then I began printing. This expensive 100 percent cotton paper I bought is crap. Half the sheets had some random cotton fibers stuck in them that were dark in color. But it did have the nice watermark on it, letting everyone know "I wasted money to print this". It's a sign of utter class. The envelope I put it into was also the nice 100 percent cotton kind. Now I wait. Please God, bring me a new job for christmas.

Meanwhile back at the office I am laying out my schedule for the week. Today ... nothing. I can play all day (and I have). Tomorrow, I go to Mohican again. Out in the middle of nowhere. No Internet. No nothing. Its a forest. Wednesday I go to Applecreek OH. This town consists of about two long roads. At least they have Internet access. But still ... it's a drive. Thursday, back to Mohican. Love it. Friday I get to come back to the office and sit some more.

I dread this week. I could really go for some aspirin. I don't know why I even bothered to show up. It's silly that I have to come in here and sit at a desk all day so that I can get paid for showing up. Even more rediculous that my hours of driving do not count as 'work time'. Again, get me out of here. If I get an unrecognised incoming call on my cell phone this week, I am dropping what I am doing to answer it. Operator, I need an exit.

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