Wednesday, December 24, 2003

U SCAN (Unless U are an idiot)
I really didn't want to go shopping today. At all. But I had to go to the grocery. As you might guess, it was a fucking nightmare. All the lanes were open, and the manager of the store was literally running around trying to make things run smoother. He had my pitty. But they were just not keeping up. Lines were backing into the aisles, and the line to the U-Scan's were heading into loops.

They really need a sign on these machines. Something to the effect of "if you have trouble working simple machinery, go stand in the other line (dumbass)". I watched some woman squint her eyes and bare her teeth (that DUH look) as she scanned something twice and not put it in the bag. Meanwhile, the machine is yelling at her in that calm female voice, "put the last scanned item back in the bag". After repeating it about 3 times, the machine gives up and says, "please wait for cashier assistance". I think I also heard it mutter, "you fucktard" under it's breath.

On the other side of U-Scan land, I watched this guy put a $20 into the machine, which it rejected. He shoved it back in, it came back out. So on the third try he held his finger over the slot and kept it from being rejected! SMART MOVE!!! That'll teach it! Oh wait, it JAMMED??!? Why? Call the technician! This line will be getting longer in a moment.

As I was escaping the store, I bumped into a guy who took one look at the solid mass of people and simply said "holy shit!". And I replied, "yeah, good luck". He turned around, following me back out of the store and said "Fuck this! I'm going to Speedway!". Not a bad idea really, that's what I should have done.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas.

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