Thursday, October 01, 2009


Okay, I myself was not on AOTS today. But I sent in a fax and they printed it, and handed it to Olivia. My terrible 30 minute MS Paint job made it onto cable television! She even tried to pronounced my name, Ray Dios Haque (which by the way is pronounce ray-dio s-hack - or Radio Shack).

Here is what I faxed to Kevin and Olivia ...

What's fun about faxing something is that it looked pretty awesome having been converted to grayscale and deprived of good quality.

Here is what it looked like in Olivia's hands ...

There are all ready clips up on the web site from today's show, so here are a few to prove that I really am this famous. REALLY.

Also - if you still don't own a Zipit, you should buy one and help me earn one by buying it using my link! Please?

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