Sunday, September 27, 2009

You need a Zipit

I just signed up to be a Zipit Wireless Affiliate.

The Zipit is a little wireless gadget that looks like a hand-held laptop and provides you a method of texting your friends (through cellular networks), Instant Messaging your 'buddies' through various IM protocols, listening to your music (it has a Micro SD card slot), playing Internet Radio ... and more.

The creators of the device built it around an open source Linux kernel, and encourage application development. It's a pretty brilliant idea.

Also, the things are only $50. So you need one, right?

I plan on putting together a page dedicated to these hot little gadgets once I get my "affiliate kit" and such.

** EDIT : The affiliate program appears to be done and over so I have removed my links to the now defunct web site. There is talk of a new program starting up and I have asked to be involved. If it ever develops, I will Blog about it. **

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