Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ray Get's a New Old Dell!
Yes, thats right. I was offered a chance to turn in my Dell and trade it toward a 'different' Dell. So what I figured was that I was getting something much newer! It ended up being a slightly newer model, but without all the pimped out features. For example, my previous model was cranked up to 1GB of RAM, while the trade in only had 512MB. I switched the SO-DIMMS. My old model had an 80GB drive, and the trade in only had a 30GB. I switched the drives. The old model had a much better display, and built on ATI video. Okay ... I couldn't switch that.

So what did I gain exactly? It's a pound or two lighter. It still weighs in at 12 pounds or so (versus 14). It lacks a floppy drive (there's the two pounds). But now I have a DVD-ROM AND a CD burner. Working without a CD burner has really sucked! This will be a welcomed addition. The last notable perk was the 802.11G wireless card (integrated). I have never been permitted onto the business network because they only allow G cards on it. Not a problem you say? Well you can't run a land-line connection to the business network from the training areas (for security reasons). And I LIVE in the training areas. So now, I can actually get to the business network and get things done when I want to. Yay!

Oh, did I mention it's faster? Now my model (when plugged into the wall) get's up to 2.66 Ghz. A hair closer to 3Ghz than what I had before. While it has some things I could live without, I think I will get used to it. The keyboard is 'sub-standard'. It's got the delete key at the bottom, and buttons like "print screen" become function keys. They glidepad is HORRIBLY touchy. So in the middle of typing a document, if your thumb slips, you end up typing over things. Love that feature! Thanks Dell! But here's something nice ... the network cable plugs into the BACK. Yeah, you would think that's natural. But on my old Dell, it plugged in at the front around the side. It was awkward. Aside from the keyboard being mini, at least I can see the keys now. They are not rubbed off yet! Thank God for small favors I guess.

Right. So maybe I will Blog later when I have something more interesting to talk about than my new old Dell.

One more thing ... is anyone else creeped out by this image from Microsofts web page?

I mean, not that their web page is ever any 'good', but this shit is disturbing. It's one thing to give tips about protecting your kids. It's another to slap some wierd suggestive image on the public site that looks like "Chester the Molester". I'm sure the parents of that child are happy to know that their stock photography shoot was cropped up and used to insinuate child abuse. I bet if you saw the photo full frame, you would have a nice family eating ice cream and enjoying a park or something.

Microsoft: You people are fucking wierd.

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