Thursday, February 10, 2005

Earn a Free Mini Mac
i was shocked when the free iPod deal actually turned out to be legit. And I was still a little shocked when my free iPod arrived on my door step. Thank you all who signe dup under me and helped me achieve my five referral goal. If you have *not* yet signed up to recieve your free iPod, you should do so using this link. In doing so, you will be referred by (and fill one requirement of) one of the fine people who helped me get MY iPod.

And now, I can't resist signing up for a free Mini Mac. Knowing that the program works, I am buckling down for another set of referrals. It's a little tougher than getting a free iPod. You still have to complete one of several offers (cheap and easy). But you must refer TEN others to also complete one offer. It's not impossible, but I imagine it will take considerabely longer than it did to earn an iPod. I am thinking I could probably print up some photocopied shit and hang it around my local neighborhood. I bet I could pick up one or two referrals that way.

But if you are remotely interested in getting a free Mini Mac for yourself, please use me as your referral! You can sign up using the link below.

If you haven't yet, I would suggest signing up for the Blockbuster online deal. At $15 a month for 3 movies at a time (as many as you can watch and return) and two in-store rentals it's a damned good deal.

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