Friday, January 07, 2005

Pneumonia Is Gay
Being sick sucks. It seems my happy little household came down with a cold around Christmas time that never went away. For yours truely it turned into a sinus infection. After a week or so of fighting it with Tylenol Sinus pills, I started to get a strange taste of infection in my mouth, and I could hardly walk straight. When the fever started to set in, I promptly went to my doctor who got me a 10 day supply of antibiotics.

Two weeks later, my wife had only worsened from her cold. It attacked her lungs and gave her a horrible bronchial cough. When she started getting fevers, I suggested we get her to the doctor immediately. Sure enough, it was infection. Not just any infection, the mother of ALL infections, Pneumonia. Pneumonia (for those who do not know) is an infection within your lungs. Aside from making you physcially ill (vomiting, fever, etc) your chest aches like a motherfucker with every breath. On top of all this, my wife has a practically non-existent immune system due to her Lupas.

So the good news is, she hopped out of bed this morning and declared "I think the antibiotics are working!". Typically you start to feel better after 3 days, but for her it was more like 5. At any rate, she's on the road to recovery and I couldn't be happier about it.

What's New?
So what's new in Ray's world (other than the plague)? Not a whole lot. My poor, poor, Bug seems to have finally thawed. When I almost got stuck in the middle of an ice storm, I decided to "park it". Once the ice storm had subsided, my poor car was frozen solid to the driveway under 2 to 3 inches of ice. No problem, I thought, it will thaw in time. So a week later, the sun came out, the temperature rose, and the Bug indeed melted. Yet ... all that water did some bad things. Oddly enough, my dome light which had never worked before ... started working. That was nice. And my battery seems very strong (I thought it was dead). But alas, the car was wet inside and out. The dampness left it "non-operational". It would be another three days of letting it dry in the garage before it would start again.

Needless to say, I haven't been driving it. It has been raining here in Ohio for a solid week, causing all sorts of floods and car accidents. My Bug delines to be driven for the time being.

Gloop Is Back
Oh yeah, the server is back. I thought since I was reviving the server anyway, I might update the webpage a little bit. Those of you who have been dying to see "the book" will be pleased to know that I dropped a public BETA out for you all to gawk at. I'm not sure when (if ever) I will finish it. And I don't want to sit on it forever.

I also dropped a strange note on the main page about an idea for "a shop". More details will soon follow. As this idea develops, I would like to show you all what I have in mind. It's nothing more than a silly concept as of right now. But if I can find someone willing to fund it, it may become a reality. It seems our government is willing to drop several thousand dollars of loans and grants into new businesses (if you play your cards right). So ... who knows.

Stay cool people. I need to get busy and look like I am accomplishing something.

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