Friday, February 13, 2004

Jesus Is Just Using Me
I was driving home from a late class a few nights ago. I was a little pissed off that a sales person had stopped by to visit my students and shaken things up a little bit. For whatever reason, he spent an hour talking about two seminars that may or may not ever take place. And then pulled my students aside and bothered them about "how classes are going". Now that we are two weeks away from finishing classes at this location, he shows up and asks for complaints. I wanted to slap him.

As I my blood is boiling I pass a church sign that reads "WHAT IS JESUS DOING THROUGH YOU?". I guess it's not enough that my employer uses me. Jesus is using me too. Son of a bitch! He needs to leave me alone. And I need to find a new job.

I looked around a few job sites, and found some jobs I want. But I lack a degree, and certifications. No way am I going to try and tackle a degree at this point in my life. The certifications on the other hand, are well within my reach. It's time to stop getting used. It's time to get my head out of my ass and study. It's time I get re-employed!!

I'm very sorry if you all have been looking for Wardriving adventures here. I don't want to blow the suprise I have been planning, but I should give you some idea of what is going on with me. I have been wardriving, and not sharing. I have been collecting adventures for a project. When it's done, all of you faithful Blog readers will get to enjoy my many findings.

In the meantime I may put together a mailing list of some kind to keep everyone informed of my upcoming project, once that is anounced.

I won't forget you, faithful Blog readers. ;-)

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