Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Too long WEP key" Problem Resolved?

I know many of you using IZ2S have had trouble with getting your Zipit to accept a 128-bit WEP key in hexadecimal format (26 characters).

I may have traced the problem to the use of double quotation marks in the configuration file. It seems that wpa_supplicant assumes that if you are wrapping your key in quotation marks, then it must be ASCII.

I have made some changes to the wifi script which will now ask the user if they are inputting a Hexadecimal or ASCII key. Ideally it would be nice to have the Zipit figure this out on it's own and not even have to ask the user. But I am providing a quick fix for those of you have been struggling with this.

First, you will want to get the latest version of IZ2S which at present is the BETA. If you are all ready running the BETA, don't re-download it. It's unchanged.

Then, you will want to grab this new script ...

Put it in /mnt/sd0/bin or the "bin folder" of your SD card. You can replace or overwrite the current file. Then, reboot and choose yes when asked if you want to change your wireless settings. You should get a new question after choosing WEP. If you have a long 26 character key, you should choose "H)exadecimal".

Please post your success and failures to me in the comments area. I can't do much testing here without reconfiguring my own access point (and my wife wouldn't appreciate that too much because she is using it).

Also - sorry for the absence lately. I hope to be back to developing soon!


  1. There is actually supposed to be an "approved" method of telling wpa_supplicant about whether to use it as an ascii key or a hex key. supposidly if you prefix the key with s: then it's ascii and if not then it's hex (or vice versa i forget which)

  2. actually i mispoke, it's iwconfig that uses the s: prefix in wpa_supplicant you are correct/ it's the use of quotes or not that tells it if it's acsii or hex

  3. sorry i misspoke, it's iwconfig that uses the s: prefix, in wpa_supplicant you are correct it's the use of quotes or not that decides if it is hex or ascii.

  4. Ray: i've updated my script to fix the WEP stuff and done some basic testing. the quotes thing does write the correct wpa_supplicant.conf so although there aren't many WEP ap in the area I think your fix is correct. you can look at my version of at if you want to take a look

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