Monday, February 09, 2009

Tuck in your shirt!

A while back I started getting e-mail from Wyndham (the hotel chain). At first I was marking it as SPAM because it looked like that form of SPAM where it tries to legitimize itself by making you take a second look. But now I can see that they just have someone's email address recorded incorrectly. In the mean time I am getting an interesting look at the inner workings of Wyndham. And now, you will too!

Here is a recent one I got about how safe drops are performed. Normally this is probably privileged information.

And here is a another recent message to let everyone know that you are expected to clock out for lunch. Also - tuck in your shirt.

Wyndham: Right now would be a good time to consider getting inter-company e-mail like a normal company. Perhaps you should not rely on Yahoo and G-Mail accounts for your employees.

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