Saturday, November 15, 2008

I wanted a Volcano Taco

I went into Taco Bell tonight to pick up dinner. I wanted one of those spicy Volcano Tacos that they have been advertising excessively. But when I tried to order two of them, the girl at the counter said "oh, we don't have those any more". What ... the ... hell? I just saw them advertised on TV. Today! How can they be off the menu all ready? This is the third time now n the past few years that I have gone to order that new item from Taco Bell only to find out it's gone. Why would you advertise a new item right up to the minute that it's taken off the shelves.

This is like promoting a television show that has all ready been canceled (which the major networks are all guilty of).

It seems that this method of marketing only succeeds in pissing off your clients.

I know it's trivial. But it's a blog. This is the kind of mindless crap you are supposed to blog about.

1 comment:

  1. Funny thing is that I did order and eat a volcano taco Saturday afternoon. I think that Taco Bell has it in for you.