Saturday, March 15, 2008

Home Alone
Yesterday my wifes grandfather was having surgery, so I took the day off of work to free her from kids and school duty. After getting my daughter off to school, I was home alone. That doesn't happen all to often, and I have to admit I didn't know what to do with myself. I blogged quite a bit, which I hadn't done in ages. I did some laundry, which unfortunately I also rarely do. I installed OpenOffice to my daughters computer so that she could do a report for school. Then I realized it was only noon. I wanted to work on my term paper at least a little bit, but I just wasn't in the mood.

So I hopped into the Bug and ventured off to find my local library. I looked it up on a map, and saw that it wasn't even half a mile from my house. I could have easily walked there, but it was raining off and on. I was impressed with the size of the place. It was easily just as big (if not a little larger) than the library back in my home town. Yet, my home town had a "main library" which was several floors. This place *is* the main library for this small town, and the smaller towns around it. Still I was impressed with the selection of materials. And hey, I found two books to use for my term paper. Woot!

Then I went to Wal-Mart. I was looking for a pre-paid phone that I could use, so that I can give up this brick of a "smart phone" that I carry around now. The problem is, these pre-paid plans really suck. I would be dumping about fifty bucks into an old Nokia, and an hour or so of minutes. Nah. I guess I will hold onto this brick until my employer decides that it's not good for me to hang up on hospital staff. As of yet, that doesn't seem to necessitate her getting me something different. In the mean time I changed my cell phone greeting to "if you are calling during business hours, kindly hang up and call me at my desk".

My local Wal-Mart has a nice Clearance aisle full of worthless shit. One such item, a "snake bite kit" made by Coleman. At only $1.50 I was tempted to buy one and do something random with it (like inter-office mail it to one of my co-workers without explanation). But then I found a clearance item of significant magnitude.


Now I know what you are going to say. They don't make those things for grown men. You would be correct. What you are looking at is half a roller skate with a little elastic strap to hold them to your feet. Instead of a single heel, you have wheels on either side of you feet at about the same logical place. The amazing thing was that they fit my enormous size 14 Converse shoes.

I got home, busted them out of the box, and next thing I knew I was rolling through my kitchen on these bad boys at high speed. Of course, when my kids came home from school they were equally as impressed with the toy. They spent the next several hours performing death defying stunts, and testing every inch of patience from our two dogs. Quite simply, the best $7 I have ever spent.

My wife returned with good news. The surgery was an easy success, without any problems whatsoever. Grandpa was sent home the same day.

We ended up going out for dinner to a nice Italian joint up the road. We haven't been out in ages, which is probably a good thing (or at least a healthy, and cost saving thing!). I just love *real* Italian ravioli. That's good eatin' there.

It was a pretty good day.

Today we learned that Grandpa is right back into the hospital with a high fever and they suspect it's an infection. So that news, is not so good. It looks like tomorrow we return to "the big city" (my old home town) to do some visiting with the grandparents and perhaps some thrift shopping.

Oh, and I typed up about 5 pages of my term paper so far. I only need 8-10. I'm thinking I may have a hard time shrinking this thing down, as I feel that I should only be about 1/3rd done.

Historic Comments
Kudos to you and your wife for furthering your education.

FWIW, I took some upper-level Philosophy classes that ended up being the most interesting classes I had in college. We had great discussions in nearly every class. Had it not been my Jr/Sr year I very well may have changed my major.

Glad to see you're blogging again.
Best wishes to your wifes grandfather.
Michael | 03.18.08 - 11:14 am | #

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