Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How To Make Recruiters Call You
I have been hitting the job searching pretty hard lately, and I can't say that I have made a lick of progress. The only phone calls I seem to get are from recruiters who don't really have a job for me, but like to waste my time with stupid questions. I have also found that if you go out onto Monster.com and post your resume, you will get phone calls from 5 or more recruiters who are just looking to put you in their database. If you "disable" your resume or make it "private" - wait a few days - then make it viewable again, those same people will call you back. For that matter you might try posting multiple resumes and see if they call you multiple times.

I got a call from a guy last week that I was reluctant to return. But there is that part of your brain that says "this *could* be the big phone call that gets you a better paying job". So I waited until I left out of work, and called this guy on my cell phone. It's as if the guy never even glanced at my resume. It's terribly insulting.

"Where are you working now?" - It's on my resume.
"What kind of experience do you have?" - It's on my resume.
"Are you A+ Certified?" - Uh yeah, I have like - 7 CompTIA certifications.
"Wow, I didn't know there were that many" - Yes. There are a bunch. EL OH EL.
"Any other certification?" - Yeah, what are you looking for exactly? I have many.

A note to recruiters every where. Act like you give a fuck, and do a little research with people when you are expecting their call. Like maybe ... just maybe ... glacing over the resume [ which is one page ].

Late last week I got a call from a recruiter that I worked with at the big evil corporate empire that I so hated. When she quit (or was fired? I forget), she went to work for a recruiting firm. I really needed to get back to her before she moved on and assumed I wasn't interested. Yet, my day was so busy, it didn't look like I was going to get a break. A break that I had definitely earned. I had to come in that morning at 7:30AM for a meeting, and I am still expected to work until 6:00PM. The "deal" is that when you get dicked with that schedule, you get a "two hour lunch". Don't ask me what I am supposed to do with a two hour lunch. But we were so busy, I was lucky to sneak out for half an hour to stuff down some french fries and call my old colleague.

My cell phone is out of minutes, and I am out of money. I can't make a call like this from work. So I started looking for pay phones. There aren't many in this fancy business district, on account that most people have cell phones. But I managed to find one at a gas station and I pumped two quarters into it (yes, a local call costs FIFTY CENTS). A receptionist answered, and aparently, could not hear me speak. The phone was broken. And I was just charged 50 cents to make a prank call. Thanks a lot. I drove to the next payphone, and I could tell that this one didn't work at all.

Next I headed to Giant Eagle. They seemed to have a working payphone in the lobby. This was my luck day. Fifty more cents later, the phone rings. No sooner does she answer, the doors swing open and "the cart boy" began crashing carts together. If I listen very closely, I am able to make out every other word that comes out of her mouth. It sounded like she wanted to offer me a contract teaching position, which entailed 80 percent travel. No thanks. Been there, done that.

My week just doesn't seem to be getting any better. Now the recruiters aren't calling any more. It's back to a job that's looking more and more like a financial dead end. Meanwhile, I am applying to a local University for acceptance this summer. I figure, if I'm this broke, perhaps the Federal government will pay for a couple of classes.

With a degree I might stand half a chance at decent wages.

Historic Comments

you know.. wierd things happen in my life that cause me to look back at a better time..

A time of double fisted blazz0ring. A time of the first semi official PLA chapter. A time of UP$. A time of Curs3d_Ang3ls. A time of Rattor pranking me 3rd party ld from South Africa.

Today was one of those days, and I just had to search for the mighty RDH.

I'm still not sure what sparked me to find you again.. but damn. I miss the old days.
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