Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Airline Disaster Part II
The plane was going down. Everyone knew. Those who had known what happens when planes crash with people inside of them, had all ready strapped on parachutes and jumped off. At some point I became distracted by the beutiful bright sunshine. It was much warmer outside than it had been, and a cool spring breeze poured over me as it teased my hair and deafened me while it roared by in all directions. My attention was then again on the plane. It was becoming ever smaller as it headed into the distance, shooting flames from all sides.

Had I been blind to what was going on? It seems in my careful documentation of what was to come, I myself had not strapped on a parachute and taken the jump. Yet, I was now outside of the plane, shooting towards the earth. It was obvious now. I had been pushed off of the plane. Perhaps I should have planned for this event. Still, as I plumeted toward the ground I did not fear death. I had been freed. Granted, I would soon crash into the ground never to be found or heard from again. But what would my outcome have been in the plane? I looked again at my surroundings. I had the whole world beneath me, and I was free.

With confidence, and a smile, I begain to strap on my parachute. I would not become a victim of the crash. The plane was now out of sight, and out of mind. Would I hear it crash in the distance? It no longer concerned me. Or did it? Smoe of the people on that plane weren't so bad. Perhaps they were victims of the pilot and each other. Would things have gone the same had they all been in the plane together? Focus! The earth was qucikly approaching me. My parachute on, I grabbed the cord.

I've never parachuted before. How soon until I pull the cord? Careful planning is in order. What will happen next?

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